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Train For Pain With Others

One training challenge is improving the body and mind’s ability to tolerate the pain experienced in competition. Typically this pain is associated with cardio efforts at lactate threshold and beyond, and the associated build up of lactic acid in the muscles. Ranging from general discomfort to extreme pain, the” burn” is felt in the muscles, […]

Three Excellent Core Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

Here are three body-weight core exercises you can do anywhere. No equipment is required and they provide challenging work for the abdominal, oblique, and erector spinae muscles. Descriptions and videos are provided via links to the EXRX website. First are V-ups, advanced sit ups that require not just abdominal strength but also balance. Try holding […]

Two Exercises That Combine Strength, Balance, and Cardio

Here are two challenging body-weight exercises you can do just about anywhere. These exercises will improve your strength, balance, and cardio. At a gym, you can combine them with some core strength routines for cardio-intensive circuits.  Descriptions and videos are provided on the EXRX.net website. First is the Split Jump plyometric, which will raise your […]

The Steady State: Hours not Meters

Elite endurance athletes often spend 20 hours per week, or more, training. Most of this time is relatively easy, or “steady state,” training, and is typically measured in hours, not meters, miles, splits, or pace. Steady state training occurs in the Zone 2 heart rate range, which is described as a “conversational” pace. Over time, […]

Know Your Best Drag Factor

Knowing your optimal drag factor will allow you to quickly adjust the damper on any Concept 2 rowing machine for the best results. The damper is adjusted on the side of the fan. The highest resistance is 10. On the performance monitor, the drag factor can be seen by first selecting More Options, then selecting […]