A Brief History of Rowing, Revisited

1430BC: Egyptian inscriptions cite accomplished oarsmenship.

480BC: Greek trireme fleet reverses Persian invasion at the Battle of Salamis.

1715: Doggett’s Coat and Badge race is first held in London.

1818: Leander Club is founded in England.

1829: The Boat Race between Oxford and Cambridge is first contested.

1843: Yale University forms the first US college rowing club.

1852: The first intercollegiate sports competition, The Harvard – Yale Regatta, is held.

1920: Naval Academy Crew wins Olympic Gold; begins a 28 year win streak for U.S.

1980: The first Women’s National Collegiate Rowing Championship.

1981: Concept 2® launches the Model A indoor rower.

2014: Erg seat pain ends with the new EndureRow rowing machine seat.

The Revolutionary EndureRow Seat