The EndureRow Rowing Machine Seat fits all Concept2™ Rowing Machines

Introducing the EndureRow rowing machine seat upgrade for Concept 2

The EndureRow seat was born from the simple desire for better workouts on a Concept 2® rowing machine. The Concept 2® excels at providing both specificity of exercise for experienced rowers, and cardiovascular-intensive training for all users.  The only shortfall is the rigid, hard seat. In the rowing position, the pressure concentrated on the “sitz” bones using the factory seat can be very uncomfortable thus limiting workouts to well below their full potential for many users.

To alleviate these training distractions many “band-aid” solutions have been employed including towels, foam pads, inflatable camping pillows and Sorbothane® pads.

Home made Concept 2 seat pad

Home made seat pad

By contrast, EndureRow developed the only complete seat upgrade for the Concept 2® rowing machine. It eliminates the pressure points, provides a comfortable cushion and has a textured non-slip surface. The traditional rowing seat shape is replicated in a durable, integral skin cushion mounted on a lightweight, carbon fiber composite frame. The EndureRow seat upgrade will improve your fitness through better workouts.


The new EndureRow seat