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As a first test of the EndureRow seat, I did a 50 minute session on my C2 Dynamic with no butt soreness. The next day I did 2 x 50 minutes. Previously with the C2 seat and two sorbothane pads, butt pain would set in towards the end of the first piece and return for the last half of the second piece.  With the EndureRow seat, I had no pain on either piece, and was much less stiff afterwards. Makes erging much more appealing!

John F.Sculler

I just wanted to let you know I set a new PR for the half marathon yesterday and the EndureRow seat helped me stay focused on the row because I was not distracted by the discomfort I used to experience with the stock seat.

David R.RowPro user

The cutouts really eliminate ischial tuberosity pain and allow the hip flexors more room to move, resulting in a better workout and better compression at the catch.

Andreas O.

I felt that I had a stronger push with my legs and that my butt stayed in place as opposed to moving or sliding. The seat is much more comfortable than the original.

Kacie M.Gym Owner

So much lighter and more comfortable. I used it for a 1000 M sprint and took 3 seconds off my best time.

Morgan F.CSCS, USAW, CrossFit Level 1

Prior to finding the EndureRow seat, I frequently had to interrupt my sessions to relieve pain and improve blood flow. Now, I’m able to row longer with more comfort than ever before, and the only pain I experience is in my legs and lungs.

Mark T.

I haven’t seen a piece of equipment for the Concept 2 rower that’s been more functional. It’s a lot smoother, and when I row on it my butt just doesn’t get sore. It’s definitely a good piece of equipment all the way around.

Brian R.

The EndureRow seat should be on all the machines.

Amy A.Club Rower

I liked it. Very comfortable. Felt more natural.

Kayla S.

No more sore butt and no more stopping to adjust one’s position to no avail.  Truly an outstanding product.

Ralph P.

The smaller footprint and holes made the seat more comfortable. It is smoother than the stock unit.

Randy M.

Your seat has made my Concept 2® rowing experience much more comfortable. I can now row longer and harder without having to worry about pain from my sitting bones.

Jason S.